Disruptive Leader

Challenging the Status Quo

Exponential Leadership and Innovation 

While disruption in innovation is needed, it is impossible to achieve without the right leadership. The leader of your innovation team has to inspire, lead, and drive the process. via … Continue reading

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The bigger market disruptor: gourmet burritos or Chipotle CEO Steve Ells? – Fortune

As history has shown, CEOs shouldn’t fear new technologies or products, but rather entrepreneurial leaders able to execute new ideas in their industries. via The bigger market disruptor: gourmet burritos … Continue reading

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3 Books Every Leader Should Read to Be Successful

“Amazon.com employees quickly learn that the phrase ‘That’s not my job’ is an express ticket to an exit interview.” via 3 Books Every Leader Should Read to Be Successful | … Continue reading

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Qantas to offer bidding for premium upgrades

Qantas has released a new product called Bid Now Upgrades which offers frequent fliers the opportunity to bid for an upgrade using miles. Travelers in Economy and Premium Economy are … Continue reading

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Disruption: are you starting in the right place?

But a word of caution for any organisation that decides to disrupt itself: you cannot do this through a traditional, highly structured, multi-year transformation programme. via Disruption: are you starting … Continue reading

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Where do I start to Become a Disruptive Leader?

Disruptive leaders make time for what is important.  Mediocre leaders complain they never have enough time.  Now wonder the leaders who take the time to plan and prepare find incredible … Continue reading

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Are You the Leader This Moment Requires?

Everyone gets only 1,440 minutes every day. And everything your company and their teammates do uses that asset. Raising the bar on respect means examining and possibly redesigning everything that … Continue reading

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